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Use of Astrology as a Therapy - to identify & treat Problems

By now, it is clear that the moment one is born, the effect of planets on one’s life begins, and starts determining the course of life. As per their position at the time of birth & their consequent movement, some planets have an extremely negative influence on the life of an individual & cause lots of hardships & troubles.

Also, in 'Kalyuga', one is susceptible to various attacks of evil forces which affect one's psyche and weaken one's will-power in such a way that one looses the will & energy to fight adverse circumstances, to live & rise in life.

Astrology, like the science of medicine, can not only diagnose the root cause of the problem, but also offer appropriate Vedic Remedies and Solutions to combat these evil effects & negative influences, and enable one to control his misfortunes, solve his problems and his life.

Problem Solving thru' Vedic Remedies & Solutions

Vedic Remedies & Solutions are based on detailed Horoscope analysis and consist of certain acts of worship, performed at specified time, date, day, place, under specified conditions, in abeyance of certain rules & regulations, in order to minimize, overcome or eliminate the malefic effects of planets and other negative influences, which might be presently affecting one's life by creating problems, hurdles, failures, distress and calamities.

Vedic Remedies have numerous long and short term benefits, because of which they change the Destiny of a person not only in the present lifetime, but also in future lifetimes. These Remedies are actually "acts of worship", and get counted in good 'Karmas'.

They absolve & neutralize old sins. They grant instant relief in problems one is presently facing.
They raise the spiritual capacity & mental energy levels and increase the flow of positive energy in mind & body.
Vedic remedies free one from psychological barriers and help one move ahead on the path of happiness & prosperity.

How we can help you Solve your Problems & your Life These time-tested Vedic Remedies/Solutions from the 'Shastras' & the 'Vedas' are recommended by our world-renowned team of experts, after thorough study & analysis of your Horoscope, and all other relevant factors. If performed with full faith and perseverance, they are guaranteed to remove the hurdles in your life, help you move ahead, and find true happiness, peace of mind, wealth, prosperity and fulfilment. The Remedies could be in the form of 'Upayas', Mantras, Yantras, Gems & Stones or 'Vaastu' recommendations, or any other medium, which is relevant & necessary as per one's horoscope. Most of them are very simple to perform. Rigorous effort, time & energy is invested in each analysis, and backed by years of knowledge, experience & expertise. Because for us, each case/query is an opportunity to solve a life.

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