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Kala jadoo

Kala Jadoo

Kala Jadoo is called Black Magic in English. It is a Tantrik way. The expertise comes thru a rigorous practice in the Funeral places. The ways and means are not approved by the scripts. It is generally done with mal intentions.. It can make a person seriously ill, deformed thru an ailment or an accident. In the place where I live there are stories that revolve around that men and women are turned into pets, birds or squirrels. Every year a number of Tantriks and Sadhus come to worship Mother Goddess Kamakhya. They meet various other Tantriks and exchange their knowledge. They learn as well they teach. This is the only event when Black Magic is practicised in the world. Kamakhya is the only place in India where it is performed once in a year. But, these are not done publicly. Those who have such an intention to cause harm to others, seek help of the Sadhus and the various Tantriks. They come from all over the world.

Then, even an ordinary man can also know a few little tricks. You might have seen when a child is supposed to be hit by an evil eye. The pundits know how to remove the curse. Here there is a general faith rounding that a strange cat or a bird may come near you time and again and without reason. They caution people to chck if there is a black or a red thread tied somewhere upon its body. If such be the case it is said never to cut the thread, because you will see to your astonishment that it has changed into a human being. And, thru your action the curse will fall upon you. But, give and take there are less facts, more rumors.

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