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2010-08-20 09:27:42 #971
29 Years Old
Problem : i m having a boy friend n i love him so mch n always wnt to show him tht hw mch i love him ... he was vry cncrnd n luvng to me earlier.. spnds lot of tym wid me.. bt nw he had chngd a lot.. i mn he loves me bt cnt show it like earlier n gt so mch bzy in his lyf... tht cldnt gv me so mch tym n dis makes me sad n unhappy.. i tlkd to him abt tht bt he had hvng mny reasons fr tht ...
2010-08-10 10:42:53 #972
Monika Deora
33 Years Old
Problem : How to make many friends ?????????
2010-08-10 08:54:29 #973
30 Years Old
Problem : Sri Guru Ji, I am a girl studying in I.P. University and I have been involved with a boy for the past 1 year or so. I think I love him very much and feel that I cannot live without him. But I have noticed that since I got along with him I have lost some very good friends of mine and people say that I have totally changed from what I was before. He is very dominant and he has somewhat moulded my personality into one which is taking me away from my dear ones. He asks me to stay away from my old friends and even takes charge of what I wear. I fear that he has started dominating not only what I wear or how I look but also the way I think now. What should I do?
2010-08-10 08:53:16 #974
Naresh Sharma
35 Years Old
Problem : Dear Guru Ji, what is the best way to start talking to an unknown or unacquainted girl?
2010-08-10 08:46:07 #975
31 Years Old
Problem : I am studying in 2nd year college. I have very few friends and my classmates don't like to hang around with me. And on top of that many times they all get together and treat me as a side actor. How can I improve my image? Also there is a girl in my college whom I like. I am sure that she'll refuse to become my friend as I am pretty unpopular and in fact I am a laughing stock for everyone. What should I do?
2010-08-10 06:06:47 #976
Rajababu Pandit
40 Years Old
Problem : Guru Ji, I am a student of IP University. I am very fond of one of my classmates and feel that it is about time that I expressed my love to her and made her my girlfriend. My friends tell me that I should keep giving her missed calls and should intentionally bump into her whenever I get an opportunity, whether she likes it or not. However, I feel very uncomfortable thinking that I might come across as a cheap, just another substandard guy if I do such things. How can I convince her?
2010-07-29 03:04:21 #977
8 Years Old
Problem : muje koi problom nanhi hai bhai.......
2010-07-28 04:08:17 #978
18 Years Old
Problem : can i find a love partner?