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2010-09-24 10:18:18 #971
28 Years Old
Problem : I was in reltionship with a gal since last 2 months..she too loved me a lot but suddenly one day she said that i didnt trust her n she broke our this i got angry n abused her a lot...she too get very angry with me n now she rejects my phone calls n told me not to interfair in her lyf...she warned me that if i ever tried to talk with her she will tell the whole matter to her of her frnd told me that she had stated the whole matter to her brother...i dont want my family to know about all this...i dont know what to do now...i love her a lot n cant forget guru plzzzz help me...i want her back
2010-09-17 04:10:27 #972
30 Years Old
Problem : well my friend was carrying flower and i just grab it from him and he told me to return to him or just give it to any girl of her choice .. so i told him that ok i will give to any girl of his choice. so we both went to a canteen nd he cited a girl to give her a flower. and after that i agreed nd i gave the flower to her. nd i went to her nd said that i have been given a dare to give her flower.. so cud she accept her.. but she denied as saying that she wont accept it with a little smile... so i replied very politely nd said ok fine no problem.. nd asked her to keep it on the table on which she was having food. so i kept it nd jus went off from there by asying thanks with a +ve smile. but the problem is i want to tell her that it was not a dare nd i like her.. nd want to propose her.. plzz help
2010-09-06 23:42:17 #973
Kipa Bhutia
6736 Years Old
Problem : my lover loved me deeply before but now ignores me and even does want any contact with please help!
2010-09-02 17:14:40 #974
35 Years Old
Problem : Good day, Without wasting your time let me to come on main point .i am love with (XXX) girl from last 2 yrs. in start of that period we have committed for marriage. Just a few month back she said she cant marry to me due to her family problem but we will keep the relation for time been. even in that time i have understand her problem and I said okay we will do accordingly. With each and every discussion I was with her. Now we meet once in a week and have a long chat on phone every day my problem is I don’t want to lose her but I know this is not possible in any way. Even I try to avoid her by not attending her call from last 2yrs but I don’t think this is best way to do. Pls guide me what would be correct and next step and hope our conversation will be a confidence. FYI:- we have done a oral sex Waiting for your swift reply so that I can proceed accordingly.
2010-08-30 13:31:20 #975
30 Years Old
Problem : hi my name is shilpa.i m in a relationship with a guy who is come in my relation.i.e "wo meri mausaji ki bahan ka ladka hai" or u can say "mai uski maami ki bahan ki ladki hu".we both love each other so much.Is our relation is right?can we marry? can we tell this to our parents??
2010-08-30 04:32:04 #976
43 Years Old
Problem : can i make a gf?
2010-08-23 16:13:44 #977
30 Years Old
Problem : SEX
2010-08-22 05:13:50 #978
33 Years Old
Problem : I love a girl very much n always wants to talk with her but she always ignore me and also dont like to talk with me .. how can i make friendship with her ??
2010-08-21 06:49:49 #979
29 Years Old
Problem : my problem is no girl is ready 2 talk 2 tel me wat shld i do 4 dat????????
2010-08-21 05:11:54 #980
Sukrit Kumar
6736 Years Old
Problem : i loved som1.. not 1 sided..even we speding time from 2 years.. but now she got married... how is it possible so that we cn live together...