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2016-03-15 18:46:41 #61
32 Years Old
Problem : Sir mai ak ladki se behad pyr krta hu jab mmaine use prapose kiya to usne accept kr li par hamara pyr jada samay tak nhi chal ppaya kuch mahine baad jab mene use kaha ki main apne hath pe uska naam likhwa raha tha to mere hath ki nas kat te kat te bach gai to usne sidha ye kaha ki wo mujhse nhi kisi aur se pyr krti hai us ladke ko mai janta hu aur wo bhi mujhe janta hai aur ye bat ladki ko bhi pata h wo ladka uska bahut achcha dost hai par mujhe lagta tha ki wo mujhi se pyr krti hai lambe samay hamari bat chit band rahi fir jab firse batchit shuru hui to mene firse usse pucha ki tum ab bhi mujhse pyr krti ho na to usne mana kr di fir mene usse kaha ki tum jhut bol rhi ho kai esi bate hai jo ye sabit krti h ki tm mujhse pyr krti ho wo fir bhi nhi mani to maine usse kaha bs ak bar sach bol do fir dubara is bare me bat nhi karunga wrna zindgi bhr is sach ko sunne ke liye tarasta rahunga to usne kaha ha mai tumse pyr krti hu aur mujhe block kr diya
2016-03-11 16:44:02 #62
27 Years Old
Problem : Hi, Hope you're doing well. I dont wanna disclose my name here so lets just start from my issue. I am 26yr old working with an MNC. I am dating 1 guy since past 4 yrs, very serious and we love eachother a lot. Planning to get married in a year or so. My love life with him is quite sorted. I have never dated any1 other than him. Basically i am not into guys much in dat sense. Still, after so many years of commitment and being clean-minded all these year, i am finally attracted to 1 wrong person badly. He is my Boss- managing director of d company, a big shot man, married having 2 kids. He too is kinda classy family person, very well mannered. I joined this company 2 yrs back n i always had a soft corner for him. Earlier i used to ignore thinking, i am young n such attractions happen, but its been 2 yrs n m still not over it. Maybe coz i have a feeling dat he too is having dat same strong feeling for me. He flirts wit me sometime, compliment me. Initially i thought its just a sexual attraction bt somehow we both care fr eachother, look aftr things, d way he luk at me, d way he talk 2 me, is not just ordinary. There is a connection. Apparently all this is wrong, very wrong. I am losing my control day by day. I sometime think of leaving my organization bt in India no company is gonna provide me such a good package with so much of flexibility n perks. Do i have any other option? I cant share dis wit my guy. Probably this is d only thing, i am hiding from him. Being good all these yrs losing dis way is so wrong. I really dont wanna look like a bitch, i get sexual fantasies about him, sometime i wonder if he is thinking d same n at d same time i give my full attention love n Care to my guy. Its all a big mess in my head. The worst is i was imagining my boss while being intimidated wit my guy recently. That hit me hard n i felt vulnerable later on. Its disgusting from my end. Please help me out before it screw up my entire life.
2016-03-06 11:45:43 #63
Srinivas Parupally
29 Years Old
Problem : hi i am srinivas from hyderabad, i am working in a IT company i saw one girl in my office,we both are used to look each other when we are in face to face,when i am not available at my cubicle she will is searching for me,i am in lovae with her but i dont know whuether she is in love with me or not i did't talk to her till now. please help me i want to propose her
2016-03-03 12:46:19 #64
Mangaldip Sanbigrahi
19 Years Old
2016-02-26 12:22:42 #65
Sreenivasula Reddy
27 Years Old
Problem : hiiii, i am loving a girl madly,deeply her name is padmaja then our relationship was good for past few days but now she behave like oosaravelli.this time is very important to me get on my life but also i must wanna her so plz get my problem and give me a suggetion....
2016-02-23 21:46:00 #66
Laayn Singh
20 Years Old
Problem : Dear love guru ji. Mai jis ladki se pyar karta hun . mai usey prupose kr chuka hun . lekin wo kehti hh. Usey ab kisi relTion ship me nhi ana. Ap aise hi frndly bat kr liya karo . lekin mai relationship me nhi aa sakti. ACTUALLY usey boht bar dhoka mil chuka hh Plz help me. Agar aur koi jNkari chahiye to mI vo bhi bta dunga.
2016-02-22 20:43:59 #67
24 Years Old
Problem : hi act i wanted to share that i was in a very strong relationship.but all of sudden everthing has changed..i m still in shock of my breakup..plzz if you could help me to get my girlfriend and my love back..i'll b very gratefull revert aSAp.
2016-02-20 11:21:09 #68
25 Years Old
Problem : name is and my bf are in love from 1yr..the prob is he is preparing for govt job from before living me he will not talk to me regularly and he will not meet me too..hardly we will meet 1 time in a month..and he will talk to me for every 15 days..he Will say plz understand me I need to study and I will also understand but sometimes I feel lonely and I will get a thought whether he is truly loving me or not..because his phn will be in switched off mode..if I want to talk to him also it's my possible..he Will only cal 2 me..he Will care when we talk nd meet but next min phn will be to know whether he truly love me..whether he will be with me forever..plz give me reply..always I m in his thoughts only..Actually I too have exams but I couldn't concentrate on plz anyone help me what to do..??
2016-02-14 13:53:17 #69
24 Years Old
Problem : Hi i am shanthu i was loving a girl for last 3 yrs and she is not accepting me only because i loving her very much and my love matter is know to her mother father brother also .she was going on road she not looking me and her mother was warning to her dont love anyone especially me only.she was very good girl and 2 times i was fight with her mother (only talking matter) so wat can i do next i cant leave without her and i want to marry her if she accept me and she was loving me or not because her mother knows this .so she is loving me or not and what can i do nxt plz send quickly guruji
2016-02-14 03:56:24 #70
Amy Nair
22 Years Old
Problem : Sir actually... I feels extreme need of her... Her name is anjana...I saw her for the first time in my elder cousin sister's marriage.. Actually my parents are malayalee .. I don't know malayalam very well. .... She lives in Mumbai... But now in belgaum(Bangalore) for studies... She even don't know me ... I sentsent her fb request but as she is not an fb addict so she don't use it . . she is my cousin sister's husband's sister's daughter... I haven't told about this to anyone in my family ... I was in 7th when I first saw I am 2nd year medical student... She is also a medical student ... I don't know why everyday I check her fb ... But I found only old pics ... Of her which I had already downloaded...I don't know whether she have boyfrd or not... I know her mumma is a professor and dad is working in ONGC ... In Mumbai ... My cousin sister is also a Mumbai resident ... I don't know what to do ? .. Please sir help me out... I really wanted to be with her... I will wait for a good solution from you sir ... Thankyou