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Solution of Your Love Problems

2018-01-23 01:32:51 #1
20 Years Old
Problem : I love a girl very much. But she doesnt love me. She love a another boy.
2017-11-21 23:33:01 #2
26 Years Old
Problem : Please cal me once please I have lot of problem sir g I can't explain here please.
2017-08-15 18:42:28 #3
Himanshu Pritmani
29 Years Old
Problem : Hm 2.5 saal se relatn m the nw she left me abd i want her back.hamare bich m bhut prob ho gae h.plz help me.
2017-06-01 01:10:01 #4
Abhishek Patidar
22 Years Old
Problem : Me ek ladki se bhut love kerta hu uska name ayushi he actually meri ek or Crush he me dono se baat kerta tha but ayushi or meri crush galti se mil gai or 2 no ko pta chl gya ki me dono se baat Kerta hu dono ne brekup ker liya but me ayushi se bhut love kerta hu me uske bina nhi rah skta or meri crush ka me 3 bf mujhe Uspe yakin nhi he isliye mene ayushi ko apni life laya but me serious hu ayushi k liye me use kese trust dilau me usse bhut love kerta hu plzzz help mene apni crush se baat kerna band ker di he plzz meri help kro me ayushi k bina nhi rah skta plzzz
2017-05-11 11:30:26 #5
Dikbendu Roy
26 Years Old
Problem : I had a word with her on birthday after that she suddenly txt me and said that she dont want to talk to me anymore and she is not picking up The phone and she blocked me in all the social network
2017-04-27 20:26:28 #6
23 Years Old
Problem : I am head over heels with an Assamese friend of mine. Yet I don't know if I should approach her regarding this. How do I know if she has the same feeling towards me ?? I don't want to end up heartbroken after I propose her yet I do keep giving her hints that I really like her but I am not able to understand her thoughts in the topic. please advise I'm open to all such suggestions
2017-04-05 17:08:27 #7
26 Years Old
Problem : my girlfriend doesnt chat with me she ignore me she want breakup what to do to be in relationship together
2017-03-30 15:28:16 #8
18 Years Old
Problem : i sincerely love a girl in my college...i cant think of my future without her loving her since 4 months ... first i wrote her a letter describing my feeling on her and kept it in her book and didnt mention my name at the bottom .....she read that but there was no response from that side and later i wrote two more letters one after other in a gap of 10 days she has read all those but didnt respond at all..even didnt complain anyone about those fine day i bought a chocolate and kept it in her book and wrote a small note requesting her to eat it..but she throwed it near the dustbin.....she doesnt know that im the person who wrote the letters ..i keep looking at her in my break periods and she also looks at me....what should i do next
2017-03-11 01:43:01 #9
Dipika Khullar
24 Years Old
Problem : i don't have many friends , i am single child to my parents.since childhood i craved for people who can make me feel loved , cared. ' i always have seen others getting affection from their brother , sister, friends etc . But i always craved for it and it never satisfied. The people i have met in my life are not long lasting , i now have started feeling left out . all call me that i am different but all like my company but still they are not always for me . people enjoy my company but are not all time together . i also have fooled many times in relationships, the guys whom i dated fooled me many times, i trusted them and put my whole effort to stick to the relation but none of people pay attention to me . now i think that whole life this will continue .wherever i go , i try my best to fit into certain group but i don't succeed. I feel very hopeless.
2017-02-25 14:05:33 #10
Goutam Das
44 Years Old
Problem : From my childhood i practice celibacy .I always want to stay single.but in 2016 14th Feb i met a girl and fall in love .she is a assamese girl and i am a bengali culture. she is 31 age old. i propose her , but she say no, because her marriage is set with another assamese boy. now a days we talk each others. she also call me. but when I say about her marriage she skip the subject. She invite me to visit her house. I do not know her real intention. But i decide if I marry defiantly her otherwise i go back my single-hood . Please give advice what to do now