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Solution of Your Love Problems

2018-06-09 12:57:49 #1
33 Years Old
Sri Hartamas
Problem : My ex lives in singapore for already 3 yrs with a guy whom stole her from me apparently. Now I am not sure if they were together or not. It could be an excuse used by her to leave. They were best friends before but the guy had eyes on her for the longest period. Before she left to Sg. We patched back. She loves me a lot and till today only recently she deleted our facebook photo album of us. She seemed to try and determine to leave me eventhough she loves me. Past 2 weeks was a sudden change of wind from cold to colder. Is weird she avoids me and doesn't want to see me eventhough i asked if I could go to Singapore to find her. Even on whatsapp and fb she seldom talks. But when I asked if she wants me off her life she would either say she is tired of work thats why or just no reply. When asked if she hates me or mad at me she would say no. I love her to bits. 3 yrs ive tried to move on but couldnt. I really want her back. What should i do? Since she is so determined. It is like someone is telling her something or like a spell binded to her.
2018-05-11 22:47:40 #2
23 Years Old
Problem : Maine meri bf se breakup kiya.par me bhul na pa Raha hai usko.mai ab kya Karu.
2018-05-11 14:36:19 #3
24 Years Old
Problem : My brother-in-law is 7 years older to me and I love him since my childhood. I could not marry him as consanguineous marriage is not encouraged in our families.he does not know that I love him . In one weak moment he asked me that can we do sex,then I said Ok.he didnt force me .it was a mutual consent. I love him but anyways I couldnot marry so i thought atleast I will do this with whom I love .he does not love me ,at the same time he does not hate me also.he likes me and I know that . But now I want to marry him.i want him to love me .how to change his mind .how to make him to love me.can you please help me with this.i want him to love me .if he love me now,I can marry him
2018-04-16 12:16:04 #4
23 Years Old
Problem : Mai kisi se pyaar karta hu.ushe abhi tak propose nhi kiya hu kyuki hume mile abhi 15 din hi hua hai aur kl hi hum phli baar face to face mile hai.samajh nhi aa rha hai ki phone pe kya baat kare aur kaise baat kare.
2018-03-31 18:24:33 #5
22 Years Old
Problem : Mai ek ladke se bht pyaar karti hu bht saalo sebut vo mere pyaar ko ni samjh raha hai ab vo mujhse baat bhi ni karta h mujhe uski bht yaad aati hai mai uske bina ni rah sakti vo ladka bhi pehle mujhse bht pyaar karta tha par ab pata ni use kya ho gaya h ab vo mujhse baat tk ni karta h aur bolta h ki meri shadi tay ho gayi hai mere maa baap jaha chahenge hum wahi shadi karenge aur humse bht buri tarike se bartav karta hai par hum us se bht pyaar karte hai hum chahte hai ki vo mere pass wapas aa jaye aur mujhse hi shaadi kare aur humse bht pyaar karne lage Plz meri jald se jald madad kare plz
2018-01-23 01:32:51 #6
20 Years Old
Problem : I love a girl very much. But she doesnt love me. She love a another boy.
2017-11-21 23:33:01 #7
26 Years Old
Problem : Please cal me once please I have lot of problem sir g I can't explain here please.
2017-08-15 18:42:28 #8
Himanshu Pritmani
29 Years Old
Problem : Hm 2.5 saal se relatn m the nw she left me abd i want her back.hamare bich m bhut prob ho gae h.plz help me.
2017-06-01 01:10:01 #9
Abhishek Patidar
23 Years Old
Problem : Me ek ladki se bhut love kerta hu uska name ayushi he actually meri ek or Crush he me dono se baat kerta tha but ayushi or meri crush galti se mil gai or 2 no ko pta chl gya ki me dono se baat Kerta hu dono ne brekup ker liya but me ayushi se bhut love kerta hu me uske bina nhi rah skta or meri crush ka me 3 bf mujhe Uspe yakin nhi he isliye mene ayushi ko apni life laya but me serious hu ayushi k liye me use kese trust dilau me usse bhut love kerta hu plzzz help mene apni crush se baat kerna band ker di he plzz meri help kro me ayushi k bina nhi rah skta plzzz
2017-05-11 11:30:26 #10
Dikbendu Roy
26 Years Old
Problem : I had a word with her on birthday after that she suddenly txt me and said that she dont want to talk to me anymore and she is not picking up The phone and she blocked me in all the social network