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2018-06-09 12:57:49
34 Years Old
Sri Hartamas
Problem : My ex lives in singapore for already 3 yrs with a guy whom stole her from me apparently. Now I am not sure if they were together or not. It could be an excuse used by her to leave. They were best friends before but the guy had eyes on her for the longest period. Before she left to Sg. We patched back. She loves me a lot and till today only recently she deleted our facebook photo album of us. She seemed to try and determine to leave me eventhough she loves me. Past 2 weeks was a sudden change of wind from cold to colder. Is weird she avoids me and doesn't want to see me eventhough i asked if I could go to Singapore to find her. Even on whatsapp and fb she seldom talks. But when I asked if she wants me off her life she would either say she is tired of work thats why or just no reply. When asked if she hates me or mad at me she would say no. I love her to bits. 3 yrs ive tried to move on but couldnt. I really want her back. What should i do? Since she is so determined. It is like someone is telling her something or like a spell binded to her.

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