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2017-03-30 15:28:16
18 Years Old
Problem : i sincerely love a girl in my college...i cant think of my future without her loving her since 4 months ... first i wrote her a letter describing my feeling on her and kept it in her book and didnt mention my name at the bottom .....she read that but there was no response from that side and later i wrote two more letters one after other in a gap of 10 days she has read all those but didnt respond at all..even didnt complain anyone about those fine day i bought a chocolate and kept it in her book and wrote a small note requesting her to eat it..but she throwed it near the dustbin.....she doesnt know that im the person who wrote the letters ..i keep looking at her in my break periods and she also looks at me....what should i do next
2017-04-09 10:00:03
Solution By SINA : Hey bro why are taken that much time. Simply go and tell u r feeling to her

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