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2017-03-11 01:43:01
Dipika Khullar
25 Years Old
Problem : i don't have many friends , i am single child to my parents.since childhood i craved for people who can make me feel loved , cared. ' i always have seen others getting affection from their brother , sister, friends etc . But i always craved for it and it never satisfied. The people i have met in my life are not long lasting , i now have started feeling left out . all call me that i am different but all like my company but still they are not always for me . people enjoy my company but are not all time together . i also have fooled many times in relationships, the guys whom i dated fooled me many times, i trusted them and put my whole effort to stick to the relation but none of people pay attention to me . now i think that whole life this will continue .wherever i go , i try my best to fit into certain group but i don't succeed. I feel very hopeless.

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