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2016-06-19 08:37:07
27 Years Old
Problem : Hello sir, I am from Odisha. I am in a relationship since 6 yrs. We are from different caste. However I am from very lower caste than my bf. Each time when we fight he always taunt me that I belong to lower caste also lower status as compared to him. But 6 yrs ago the love was initiated by him & told him everything about me but that time he had no problem. Recently we had a big fight in which he said you are successful because of your reservation seats. You reserved category people are big obstacles for general category student. I have done a big mistake in life dat I love you. I should break the relation with you & many more word which hurt my self respect.Now he is saying he is sorry for everything...he doesn't mean that. But this thing happens so many times. My question is if he really loves me then he should not consider my caste a big deal. If he has this much of problems with me then what his family will do with me! Whether I should stay or break the relation and move on? Plz analyse and reply. Thank you.

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