How To Propose A Boy

How To Propose A Boy

How To Propose A Boy

How To Propose A Boy


How to Propose To a Boy Who Is Not a Friend

To propose someone you need to be his friend first, if you know him,talk to

him, only then you will be able to propose him. Here are some easy steps on

how to propose him.

First get to know him, if you have any common friends, ask them to introduce

you to him. If you don’t have any then you make the first move. Go ahead

introduce yourself and strike up a conversation. Talk the way you talk to your


Find out if he is on any social networking site, chat with him there. Sometimes

it is more comfortable to talk online than face to face.

Find out his interests, it helps if you have lot of things in common. which is his

favourite basketball team, does he like reading books etc. etc. If he is on any

social networking site then you can easily check out his info.

If the guy is in your school then it would be much more easier.

Say ‘hello’ to him whenever he passes you in the corridors, smile at him.

Always look your best. Wear simple but cute clothes, and wear light

make-up, if you want.

If the guy is in your class try to get a seat next to him. You can ask him to help

you with some homework, if he agrees, that’s a good sign, that means he is

interested in talking to you.

Ask him and his friends for your best friend’s birthday party. Or invite them

for a movie, talk to him whenever you get a chance.

Talk to his friends, but don’t hang around a lot with them.

If you feel that your friendship has gained depth, then propose to him.

It’s better if you call him aside. Choose a place away from your classmates

and friends.If he is a friend on your social networking site then you can tell

him there that you want to meet him at this particular place and you have

something important to tell.

Don’t say it directly on his face, it might be awkward, say it to him like ‘Can i

ask you something?’ or ‘I wanna tell you something.’ then say that you like



If he wants some time to think over the matter, give him some time. Keep

away from him, during this time, don’t loiter around him this may make him

feel uncomfortable.

If he rejects you, don’t feel sad.


Don’t do it if you feel that he is not interested in you.

If he avoids you, doesn’t look at you while talking to you, tries not to cross

your path then he doesn’t like you and it would be better if you just leave

him and move on.

How to Propose to Your Boyfriend

Proposing to your boyfriend can be sticky business, given the many centuries

behind us of layered social and cultural tradition that dictate that it’s the

male’s duty to court and eventually propose to the female.

In these modern times, however, many women feel the urge to pop the

question and gain a commitment that they’re sure about. How do you

sidestep one of civilization’s oldest rituals and get the man you want? Take a

deep breath and get started!


Reach your own sense of comfort with making this move. There is no reason

that a woman cannot make a proposal to a man these days.[1] What may be

holding you back is fairytale visions, concerns about the man’s feelings, and

simply getting up the courage to ask something that can carry the risk of


Be sure that he is “the one” and that you are totally ready for this

commitment before launching in. How will this change your life and can you

see yourself as being fulfilled with such changes?

Gauge your boyfriend’s chances of proposing to you. Before you do consider

proposing, be alert to the possibility that he might be considering proposing.

The following “about-to-propose” indicators might help your sleuthing.

How long have you been together? The longer the time, the more likely he’s

thinking of proposing.

What does he say when you tell him you want to be with him forever? Notice

his reactions. Or maybe he is the one doing all the talking about the future.
Has he been acting a little nervous lately, and perhaps even showing interest

in other people’s weddings? Perhaps he’s started saving up all of a sudden, or

he’s even indulged you by asking what you’re reading when looking at bridal

magazines in the store.

Is he spending more time with you and less with his friends lately? Does he

appear more nervous around your own friends?
You’ve caught him looking in your jewelery box.

He’s keen to spend time around your parents and family all of a sudden.
He’s arranged an unexpected outing that is out of character. It could be the


If your boyfriend is highly responsive to your probing about spending your

future together or he has initiated discussions about your future together, or

the “indicators” seem to hint at a forthcoming proposal, you could decide to

go ahead knowing you’re making the right decision. You could also choose to

wait, since a proposal may be coming your way, but since the point of this

article is not about waiting and about you doing the proposing, don’t feel

obliged to wait. On the other hand, if he seems to be fairly non-committal

about the future the two of you have together, you may need to look into

this a little further, although a proposal is one certain means for getting

commitment issues out into the open!

Be considerate of the emotional realities. While the modern approach to

proposals has been turned on its head, the old-fashioned notions continue to

linger. So, be understanding that there is a sense of “weirdness” for some men

when it comes to a woman doing the proposing. Whether he’s the biggest jock

or the biggest geek, a lot of men are uncomfortable with the idea of a

woman assuming the role of the “proposer”. Ask yourself: Is your guy

enlightened enough to handle this?

Consider sounding out his possible reaction by creating a fictitious scenario in

which a co-worker or a friend of a friend who is a female proposed to her

now-husband. Tell him about it and gauge his reaction from the story by

weaving in your opinion about what happened and eliciting his views with

some careful questions or statements. Based on these reactions, you will have

a better idea of his responsiveness.

Be reassured by the fact that many men need and actually like this “nudge”,

especially to change long-term dating or cohabiting into a marriage.

Consider if you’re enlightened enough to handle this. Gone will be your guy

getting down on bended knee. Gone will be his attempts to compare the 4C’s

when saving up for the engagement ring. And gone will be a romantic

gesture at which you get to flutter and feel fussed over. Are you OK with this?

Because if you’re not, stop right now!

Will you be happy when other people keep asking things like “So where did

he propose to you?” and “How did he propose to you?” You will have a lot of

setting people straight on this, so be forewarned that a good sense of humor is

much needed!

If you’re the kind of woman who lives life large and isn’t worried about

conventions and knows what she wants, this step will be a breeze to jump

over. When you know what the right thing to do is, you know it, so get to it!

Be aware that talking a lot about future commitments will put your

boyfriend’s relationship radar on alert.

It might be gradually evident but anything smelling of long-term

commitment is something most guys tend to pick up fairly soon. You may be

getting vibes and signals about the appropriateness or otherwise of thinking

long-term commitment for the pair of you by now, so let this be part of your

guide as to the suitability or otherwise of proposing.

Prepare for the proposal. This is up to you but you’re now in the position of

making it as romantic, wonderful, surprising, and loving as possible. Things to

think about include:

Where will you propose? His favorite running park, his contemplation spot

overlooking the sea, out on a yacht, at a sit-down meal, or walking

somewhere special together? Think about what places matter a lot to both of

you, as well as a place where you’ll be sure that the two of you won’t be

interrupted or distracted.

Avoid doing anything that is out of character for you. Let your own

personality traits shine through as a big part of the proposal, because that’s

why he loves you.

Take care to avoid simply switching how you think you’d like to be proposed

to and planting that idea onto this proposal. He’s a man and flowers and

intimate candlelit dinners may not be the best way to his heart on this

occasion. Use what you know about your boyfriend to tailor a very special


Are there any inside jokes you can rely on to help the proposal take on more


The ring isn’t really an issue here. If he says yes, the two of you can now do the

modern thing of choosing your engagement ring together. However, some

women do provide a token ring, such as a beer tab, at the moment of


the suitability of such a token depends on your own preferences and your

knowledge of him.

Think about what you’re going to say. There is no standard proposal and no

right or wrong way but it is important to express how much you love him and

to identify specific things about him that cause you to want to spend the rest

of your life with him. Talk about the future and how much it means to you to

have him by your side in this future; paint the vision for him as you propose.

Brief is good. He will probably be very surprised and the more you drag it

out, the harder it gets for both of you!

Check your confidence again. If you’re not ready to do this, do some further

investigation into what’s holding you back or confusing you and revisit the

proposal when you feel more confident. Otherwise, it’s full steam ahead.

Propose. You are going to be nervous and there is always a risk of a negative

or non-committal response. Be prepared for that and also have a gracious

response in reply in that event. If you’ve read all the signs right though, he is

likely to say yes.

Let your heart guide you. While it’s a good idea to rehearse your proposal

words beforehand, it’s also good to keep some of it spontaneous.
Admit to your nervousness; this vulnerability is endearing and helps your

boyfriend to understand just how much courage this is requiring from you.

Celebrate. If he says yes, have something special planned to celebrate the

occasion such as opening a bottle of champagne or going somewhere that’s

special to both of you.

Maintain a mood of grace and acceptance if he says no or that he needs time

to think it over. Putting on a turn or cold-shouldering him will only cause him

to feel reassured that declining your proposal was the right thing to do. Tell

him it’s OK to take more time but that your proposal definitely still stands.


The question of when to pop the question is an inquiry that has tortured

mankind for ages. It’s impossible to address the entire complexity of this issue

in one article. Use your heart, your head, and your sense of trust in the

relationship as your main sources of guidance.

Be sure that you are not going to be in an awkward position. Some guys love

the idea of proposing but then there are others who get their back up at the

idea. Find out which guy yours is first.

Sometimes the proposal just gets blurted out in a moment in time where you

two are just so exceedingly happy and feeling deep love for one another. This

can work if you’ve already done the thinking about it all beforehand but

don’t rely on this method. It’s always best to think ahead and plan well.

If he likes eating out, take him out to his favorite restaurant. If you want a

little more privacy make a beautiful candle light dinner at home with all his

favorite foods. After dinner, while you’re relaxing at home with romantic

music and a glass of wine, pop the question.

For the ring, it can be a good idea to have an idea of where you’d like to get

it from, without seeming pushy or assuming that he was already going to say



Even today guys don’t expect to be proposed by their best buddies or

neighbors or anybody they have a soft corner for. Propose your boy and take

them by complete shock. Let me tell you it’s going to be the ultimate

romantic gesture. Waiting for the jerk to come up with his sentiments would

be foolish. But you don’t know how to propose a boy. Right?

Through love letters, romantic poems or love quotes, privately or publicly do

it the way your man would like it to be. Why don’t you go down onto your

knees and let out your feelings and love. Simply spell out the magical words

of love to the man you want to spend your life with.

Hesitation, apprehensions and inhibitions, ward off everything that’s holds

you back. If you fail to let out your emotions today you might regret the

moment tomorrow. Waste no more time and chase your dreams. A few easy

to follow steps and realize what to dream for like crazy.

There exists a plethora of romantic ideas for proposal. Don’t pick on a silly

idea and devastate every little thing that exists between the two of you. Try

being unique and different, do something pleasant to come across an

ultimate lover and not a fool.

Observe what your dream boy would love and act accordingly

Choose the right time, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, New Year’s Eve or any

other bright occasion

Choose his favorite place

Make your proposal romantic and memorable with the help of following tips

to propose a guy:

A cute gift with a romantic message would be a perfect gift .

Flash your message on a placard outside his house. Of course make sure

your text is legible .

Flowers too along with your message can be a beautiful way to propose .

Go down you knees and tell him you can not imagine you live without him

anymore .

Record your feelings in a video or an audio CD and gift it to him .

Another interesting mode could be the radio. Radio announcing your love

for him .

A romantic movie never goes wrong .

In a regular beach walk go down and write the words “will you marry me?”

or ‘will you be mine?’ on the sand .

Prepare a cake and engrave your feelings with cream .

These options will surely create the desired aura for you to utter those three

magical words. Look straight into his eyes let out your feelings. Tell him “I

Love You” and why you do so.

Well after you made way for your feelings ask him what he thinks about

being with you. Give him his time. Do not push yourself. And most of all stay

prepared for rejection. Respect his answer, whatever it is.

This very moment will mark the beginning of a new beautiful relationship.

Even girls can propose a guy. It’s a women’s world today. Equality rules

today. Why should just men folks enjoy the feelings and inquisitiveness

involved with confession. Even men are emotional beings. Though they do not

cry but they surely understand. They too need somebody who loves them

direly. I wish all of you get dream boy after learning how to propose a guy.

Remember feelings are better out than in.

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